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Swamp Circus Trust runs circus skills workshops for young students aged 5 and over.

The range of activities covered in a circus workshop mean they appeal to young people of all interests and abilities.

There are many benefits specific to Swamp Circus workshops. You can download a pdf file here that lists what we consider to be some of the benefits.

Why use Circus in your School? What is the benefit of circus activities? Here are two examples ...

Juggling ... Dyslexia

Here are two articles about dyslexia and juggling and other circus skills.

Circus Skills and Literacy in primary school pupils

“The Effect of Kinaesthetic training on literacy performance among primary school pupils". View our introduction pdf here


Further, we belive that

  • Circus Skills workshops communicate the process of learning by breaking down seemingly impossible tasks, into achievable steps: a method which is useful across all learning processes.

  • We develop interpersonal skills through team work and confidence building.

  • Physical skills such as reaction-times, motor skills, concentration-times are enhanced with circus activities.

  • The workshops are FUN. Participants aren't really aware that they are learning so much!


We tailor the workshops to a theme of your choice, and can create a performance with the participants based on your theme.

Our workshops have a flexible format because we know that every class and school has different needs.

We often delivery 1 hour, 1.5 hour workshops to fit into school-day schedules. We really like to run weekly workshops for an hour or so each week throughout a school term. We can create a an end-of-term show with your pupils and enhance it with a professional performance by a quality Artist.

We are an Arts Award Centre and can take your pupils through the Bronze and Silver Arts Award with Circus as the theme.

We are Modern Circus: non-animal and egalitarian - open to everyone regardless of ability, gender, faith or age. We are fully inclusive.

Safety and Safeguarding is paramount to Swamp Circus. We have a child protection policy, we provide risk assessments, all of our tutors and artists are CRB checked. We are fully insured.


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Swamp Circus Trust is an educational charity that uses circus and theatre as tools to develop participants creativity and engage participants in learning to promote personal development and community benefit.  With the creative industries growing at a faster rate than any other area of the UK economy there is now widespread recognition of the value of creativity in education.

"Ideas are the raw material of the creative industries. But unlike those for traditional products, we cannot dig them out of the ground or pick them off trees"

Circus Arts in Education

Circus is very effective at engaging young people alienated from traditional forms of education. 
Circus skills can be very effective ways to help participants develop concentration, retention, conceptual understanding self-awareness and the process of learning.  These can then be applied to more conventional learning situations in the core subjects.

"Creative teaching is enhancing pupils' concentration, memory, motivation, communication and motor skills"

Performing arts are an effective tool for enriching the curriculum. Circus is a way of including arts into education that is different from the norm of dance and drama in schools.

"Investing in the arts can transform schools. The arts can raise standards, change attitudes, improve behaviour and increase the quality of teaching and learning."
The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority.

For more information on the benefits of arts in education go to:

Research has proven the benefits of circus skills in Educational Programmes. It has been successfully used as an educational tool, and has been used therapeutically with children at risk.


From local schools and youth groups.

“Thanks to the team! We felt it was a successful venture!”- Teacher from Brinsworth comprehensive school

“Thank you for teaching us” - pupil from Tinsley primary school

“I enjoyed the session it was real fun and I look forward to future activities. Thank you”- participant in a workshop at Tinsley connexions centre.

“That was fab building on their self confidence.”- Member of staff from Tinsley Pavilion

I learnt how to co-ordinate and it also helped me with my stamina. Most importantly I learnt I had to be patient.” - participant in a work shop

Do circus instead of PE!”- Pupil at Wombwell Park Street Primary School, Barnsley.

“When I asked him if his Mum enjoyed the performance he said “she loved it!””- Teacher at Brinsworth Comprehensive School

“I got real satisfaction when I got something down and under wraps”- pupil at Brinsworth School

“I enjoyed it so much”- pupil at Tinsley Junior School

“some of the children mastered techniques that were well above what was expected”- learning support assistant at Hinde House School

“I’ve really seen her benefit from the project. She is talking about her school work much more now than before” - a parent

“I enjoyed the session and I am looking forward to future activities…”- participant in work shop

"The workshop provided the "chance to develop a new area of interest for after school clubs. I was pleased with the outcomes and would certainly be willing to look at ways in which this might be extended for / by us in the future." - John Thompson, head Teacher, Tinsley Junior School, Sheffield

"It was fun and children enjoyed learning new skills without any pressure." - High View School, Sheffield.

"The young people gained "new skills, confidence, communication skills and teambuilding through an appropriate teaching delivery style." - Donaster Youth Service

"A great day was had by all students, staff and visitors alike and this would not have possible without your assistance. The day was very special to all involved and will be remembered for a very long time" - Kate Le Prevost, Ilkeston School, Derbyshire.