Team Building




The Institute of Lifelong Learning, University of Sheffield

at one of our day-long Team Building Events

Delight !

the last in line gives instructions to the leader

tying and untying yourselves in knots

never tried a tightwire in your life? Trust your colleague


Team Building Juggling Training at Magna Science Centre

Juggling Toss-Up Team Building at MAgna

5,4,3,2,1... Let Go!

Team Building

Our by-line: "Try things you never thought you would, achieve things you never thought you could"

You don't have to be a big company to benefit from some team-building activities. Apart from it being a load of fun, Swamp Circus' Team Building workshops can take 30 minutes through to a full day.

It's all about a sense of play and playing together in our workshops.

We've written a lot more about Team Building and Corporate Workshops and Entertainment on this page


Swamp Circus Trust Team Building Workshops are led by our professional circus artists and are tailored to meet your company needs and objectives.

Our Team Building Workshops options include:

30 minute Fast-track Juggling Training

90 minute circus skills "taster sessions"

Half-day, full day or weekend-long activities.

Through our contacts with other companies we can also arrange other activities such as Bungee Jumping, Segway riding, Drama and Theatre activities, Training in Magic or a provide Specialist Motivational Speaker.

The Circus Skills we offer include:

  • Balancing skills: Tight-wire, Rola Bola, Unicycling, Stilt-walking
  • Manipulation Skills: Juggling - Balls, Clubs; Diabolo, Devil-stick and Plate Spinning
  • Acrobatic Balancing for Teams
  • Balloon modelling
  • Magic
  • Physical Theatre, Voice Training, Body-Language, Clowning
  • Trapeze and aerial skills

Tell us your objectives and we will design a programme of activities to suit your needs and budget

The Institute of Lifelong Learning, University of Sheffield

at one of our day-long Team Building Events

Balancing Skills

Pedal-Go ....releasing laughter

What they said...

Feedback from various members of staff from The Institute of Lifelong Learning, University of Sheffield.  January 29th 2010

 “[Swamp Circus Trust]…did a very good job – excellent… Everyone should give themselves a pat on the back."

“it was lovely to get the chance to try out things which were completely new to me. I never ever thought I would be able to walk along a tight rope wire, even with someone holding my hand, so I am very heartened and my self confidence has taken a nice boost!”

 “a very enjoyable, exhilarating, useful and memorable day … the day achieved it's aims and objectives…creating a sense of caring and co-operation amongst colleagues, it was a very inclusive experience…. demonstrated perfectly how we
have to trust team members to achieve a good end result.”

“an enjoyable, well organised day…most refreshing and inspiring as well as instructive…I will certainly be able to use the experience to build my competencies”

“what a very wonderful day I had yesterday playing at circuses. I have rarely had so much fun”