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Swamp Circus presents "Trash" - A Theatre-in-Education Show

"Trash" is a fast-paced and action-packed show, stuffed with facts, rats, two teenage boys, and a dash of mad circus skills. Trash is about the waste and litter in our lives, but also about our hero, Trash, and his smarmy older brother Flash. Will Trash rescue him from certain death at the paws of the rat king? Or will waste and decay win the day? Let battle commence!

"Trash" is a 25 minute, 2 actor show, developed with Sheffield "Streetforce" as part of their Wicked Waste campaign; it toured to 20 schools in the Sheffield region during 2008, usually playing in school assembly halls to large audiences of between 100 - 400 pupils mostly from years 7, 8 and 9.

Swamp Circus Trust is now able to present "Trash" to schools throughout the U.K. "Trash" can be is delivered in conjunction with a 30 minute workshop on litter issues with groups of about 20 pupils. "Trash" has previously been targeted at the age groups 11 -14.

TRASH! is awaiting bookings. We can only bring a show back into production if we have a series of bookings, so please get in contact and express your interest and we will be able find more schools so that we can create a tour.

The Healthy Eating Show

from Madame Zucchini

Yes! A fun, fruity and veggy, hands-on Show and Workshop for schools. Download the flyer here. To book this show please just call or email us or complete the Book Us enquiry form here.


We love to tell the story of Modern Circus - human only, co-operative working, egalitarian always and fun for everyone. We can come to your school with stilt-walkers, clowns, circus-artists and a nice Ringmaster to perform for you in the class-room, in Assembly or in the playground.

This can be as a special treat or as the introduction to Modern Circus and any performance can be combined with hands-on circus workshops. We show the skills and the arts and then everyone gets a chance to try out the skills. Its a great fun event.


We provide all levels of workshop activity to school pupils of all ages. See our Schools and Workshop pages for more details.

We believe - based on years of experience - that Circus is a great tool for learning ... for pupils, students and teachers alike.

We can support themed curriculum learning whether it be arts, science or sports based. We also offer CPD for Teachers, with Circus as Science as a speciality. Please see our other webpages here.

Circus works for any age, any ability and any culture. We offer workshops and play for Science, Sports, Languages, Numeracy and Literacy Skills, Working-Together programmes, Play Skills and for Fun.

Theatre In Education (T.I.E.)


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The wolf, the woods, the girl in red…we all know how the story goes. Or do we?
Stuck, high on a shelf in a playroom, a dusty old story book sits unread, unloved and forgotten. But what happens to the stories when a book goes unread? How do the characters while away the hours? Join our tale-telling trio for a journey through a giant story book to find out. Using a unique blend of circus and physical theatre TELL TALES brings classic stories to life.

“As I watched the performance I glanced at the children's faces and they were absolutely enthralled/mesmerised”

KS2 teacher at St.Catherines

TELL TALES is an innovative way of getting young people to explore stories and storytelling, showcasing the importance of both oral and written traditions.

The show is accompanied by a 45 minute creative workshop. The workshop gives young people the tools to create and share stories of their own using drama and circus skills.
The workshop complements the literacy and language curriculum and also supports young people’s social development by encouraging team work, improving communication skills and building confidence and self-esteem.

TELL TALES is suitable for KS1 and KS2 pupils.

What teachers and pupils have had to say about TELL TALES…

“My favourite bit was when the wolf juggled marshmallows because it gave me an idea how to juggle”

“Did you enjoy the show? …A BIG YES!”

“I found the show absolutely amazing!”

“The story was funny and moving - I found the music accompanying the production really helped to create atmosphere”

“It was funny, brilliant and cool!”

“I enjoyed the show today because they were doing the hardest acts that we cannot do.”

Bookings are now being taken for a 2012 spring/summer tour.

Tell Tales Postcard

This new work is funded by the Arts Council England: Grants for the Arts in 2010.

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