Workshop in primary school

Workshop in primary school

Flower Sticks with Scouts

Flower Sticks with a Scout Troop

Young Stiltwalker in Sheffield

Young Stiltwalker in Sheffield, part of our "Positive Activities for Young People - Kids Can Do" programme

Millenium GArdens Drop-in workshop, july 2010

Drop-In workshop at Millennium Gardens, July 2010

summer school at Conchors sports centre

A group photo from one of our three-day workshops

RYC Alison and Pat juggle

Rotherham Youth Circus - "buddy juggling"


Our Workshops are suitable for all occasions and events

  • Schools, Community groups, Uniformed Groups

  • Festivals, Public Events, Private Parties, Fun-Days

  • Team-Building events - for businesses big and small, for community groups, for teachers (CPD programmes)

  • Management Training programmes

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Team Building




All our workshops have flexible formats tailored to meet your individual needs.

The skills on offer can include juggling, diabolo, flower-stick, hats, plate spinning, tight wire, stilt walking, unicycling, rola bola; acrobatic balancing, clowning, voice-training, magic, aerial arts, theatre/drama; and with our partners - bungee jumping, segway riding and motivational speakers.

You can download a pdf document here that gives you some more information

All our workshops give participants the chance to try out new skills in a fun, safe and relaxed atmosphere. They benefit young and old alike. We tailor our delivery to suit your profile, needs and tastes.

Workshop types range from 1 hour, half-day, full-day to week-long residencies or regular ongoing weekly sessions.

We generally recommend one tutor to 15 or 20 participants.

"The power of circus to change your thinking is not be under-estimated. Fun, accesible to all and not just for kids."

YPPT workshop box suprise

We are professionals and fees are charged.

If you are a community or school team then you will be offered heavily discounted rates.

Our mission is to "Benefit communities and individuals through Circus".

So please tell us who you are, what you do and make your case for a low price - we'd love to support you.

If you are a commercial company that makes profit then you can use us for 'corporate social giving' : )

Team Building HAppy Human Knots

Team Building - Human Knots

Juggle Training Toss-Up

Corporate Fast -track Juggling Training Toss-Up