Drop-In Circus Workshops

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Newark Children of Courage Workshop set-up

Here's one of our Drop-In Workshop set-ups, in costume

Drop-in workshop variation

Here's another set-up in Swamp T-Shirts

spinning plates in the park

Spinning Plates at a Family Fun Day

Drop-In Circus Workshops

Suitable for many different types of events; we are often booked for Family Fun Days, Fundraisers, School Fun Days, Street or Park Event Days. Indoors or Outdoors, for events small and big.

The Drop-In is often billed as FREE CIRCUS WORKSHOPS and appeals to young children and adults alike. We always like to involve the Parents or Guardians to learn the same skills as their young ones.

We come with one or two tutors and establish an area for the workshop activity. We display the equipment and demonstrate the Arts on offer and within a few minutes the activity is up and running. People of all ages then come and 'drop-in' to the workshop, where we will give them tution in any of the skills on offer, help them and encourage them to play safely with the circus props - in a freestyle manner.

Drop-In's frequently have between 1 and 20 participants; sometimes there are a couple of people at play and sometimes 20 people at once. It's a bit chaotic - but a controlled chaos - and always lots of fun. People of all ages love to show their friends what they have achieved within just a few minutes.

Participants learn at their own speed and come and go, often with people returning several times during the session. This is informal play and informal learning and in our experience always a great success and talking-point at any event.

We can encourage Fundraising by suggesting that the organisers supply a Donations Box and we will prompt for a small donation.

Images from Millennium Garden Drop-In for

The Open Weekend 2010, Sheffield