The Recent and Past Team

Recent and Past Team Members

Jules Howarth

Jules was Acting Company Manger. Creative Producer and Office Manager and left Swamp in February 2012. Jules is a seasoned performer and an experienced workshop tutor. He also produces events and shows for us. He has experience in production management, site management and event production gleened from work on various circus and theatre events over the last 20 years. Jules studied circus and theatre at Fooltime, Bristol and Drama at Hull University.

Peter Hurley

Peter joined Swamp as a Community Project Manager. He has many years experience of working in the Voluntary, Community & Faith Sectors in South Yorkshire, developing and managing a variety of projects. While he wasn't looking, his inner Clown escaped and is causing mayhem up and down the region. Whilst desperately trying to beat the Clown back with a spreadsheet and a couple of monitoring forms he is busy organising circus workshops. At Swamp, Peter was responsible for the 'Kids Can Do: Positive Activities for Young People Programme' in Sheffield which offers free circus skills workshops to groups of young people aged 8 to 13. He continued to work as a Project Manager, Performer and Tutor.

Peter left Swamp in December 2011.

Kate Marston

Kate joined us in July 2010 to run our volunteering project, ActiVate. She then became our Marketing Manager, in charge of Bookings and volunteer co-ordinator. Kate left Swamp in June 2011 to travel to Oman and to complete her M.A.

Sarah Platts

Sarah joined us in August 2009 and left in April 2011. She has a lot of experience in theatre, youth theatre and performance. A multi-talented performer originally from Rotherham and delighted to be back.  Sarah ran the Rotherham Youth Circus project in 2010 -11.Sarah left Swamp in April 2011 and she has moved to Australia.      

Nic Wray

Nic attended Swamp AfCL project in 2007. She became our Volunteer Coordinator in 2008 and ran the ActiVate volunteer project with us. Nic left us in July 2010 to take up the role of communications officer for the British Tinitus Association

Cleo Cutcher

Cleo worked for us from July 2009 to March 2010. She is a multi-talented performer who is continuing her career as a freelance Artist specialising in Aerial performance. In the summer 2011 Cleo returned to Australia.

Tim Woolliscroft

Tim left Swamp in September 2009. He works at Healthy Cross and can be found at 49 Southey Avenue, Sheffield, S5 7NN. Tel 0114 234 4445. Fax 0845 4210 789. Web site
Tim was the Managing Director for Swamp Circus Trust in Yorkshire from (approx) 2006 - 2009.


Recent and Past Team Members

Cindy Studer

2008 - 2009. Marketing Manager. Cindy Studer has been performing professionally for 10 years and ran her own clothing manufacturing business for 3 years prior to that. She has experience in corporate entertainment, running a performers agency, event organising and costumes creation. A top class perfomer, she is available at

Alison McNeill

Alison worked with us during the summer of 2009, dealing with gig enquiries, marketing artists and shows, and running projects such as the Rotherham Youth Circus. Talented and brilliant, Alison lives in Leeds.

Sean Morris

Sean delivered workshops for the Positive Activities project in Summer and Autumn 2008 and ran the YPPT youth circus workshop in York each week. He is based in Manchester and can be found via

Claire Saddington

2008 -2009. Claire was our Community Project Manager. Claire trained in dance at The Thompson Dance Studios, which initiated her interest in teaching and choreography. She continued her training at the University of Surrey, Roehampton which inspired her to explore Community Dance. She is a certified IDTA Associate Ballet Teacher and works widely within the local arts sphere with Open Minds Theatre Company, Maltby Minors Youth Society and Rotherham Culture Company.

Sarah Pearce

Sarah worked for Swamp 2006 -2008 as Office Manager and Community Projects Manager. Prior to joining Swamp Circus, Sarah has been a care worker, administrator, marketing assistant and stand up comic. Whilst running a dance project in Cambodia she was inspired by the work of the international clown doctor Patch Adams. She joined Swamp Circus Trust to help us develop valuable community arts projects in South Yorkshire and help our office run smoothly. Sarah went on to be the General Manager with Point Blank Theatre Company in Sheffield. Sarah has since moved on from this job and is currently writing and performing her stand-up comedy material and is based in London.

Haley Cox

2006 -2008. Entertainment/Education. With a teaching degree in Drama and Education, Haley is a theatre-in-education drama practitioner from North Lincolnshire. With a particular emphasis on physical theatre, she has successfully developed and toured numerous curriculum based productions with workshops around the UK and California. Prior to working for Swamp Circus, Haley worked as a Drama specialist within an English department at a large comprehensive school. This role showed her just how significant and important the arts should be within the education system, and managed to find a company that shared this ethos in Swamp Circus Trust.

Dave Ford

2008. Productions/Community workshops. Dave is a skillful circus artist specialising in fire manipulation. He has created shows for private, corporate and community audiences. Dave has experience of leading circus workshops combined with a decade of experience working with people with learning difficulties. He continues to thrill, burn and entertain as