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DH-Systems Ltd

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Our website host and IT support provider.


The Magna Centre

Magna Science Adventure Centre

The Magna Science Adventure Centre


Voluntary Action Rotherham

Voluntary Action Rotherham Logo

Voluntary Action Rotherham is the lead body for supporting, developing and promoting the voluntary and community sector in the Rotherham borough.

Rotherham MBC Community Arts

For information about other arts groups and activities in Rotherham and advice about your project or accessing funding for the Arts, please contact the Rotherham MBC Community Arts Service at by visiting the Community Arts Pages on their website.


Rotherham Open Arts Renaissance


ROAR is an independent arts support organisation that aims to be the network hub and support organisation for professional artists and arts companies in Rotherham.



Swamp is part of the Eventus Consortium.



REMA is the umbrella body in Rotherham for all Minority Ethnic communities.


The Unity Centre

The Unity Centre is the largest Multi Cultural Centre in Rotherham.  Located within Eastwood, Rotherham.


Open Minds Theatre Company

OMTC logo

We work in the community to assist in the developing and equipping of people to lead effective and fulfilled lives by improving their confidence, self-esteem, understanding of others and themselves, communication skills and self-discipline through their exposure to and involvement in the arts.



Point Blank Theatre Company

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Dead Earnest

dead earnest logo

Applied Theatre Specialists.



Pif-Paf Arts

based in Sheffield






UK Youth Circus Network

The home for the UK Youth Circus Network

UK Youth Circus Network


NASA (National Association of Street Artists)

NASA logo

NASA is an independent national network of UK-based artists and companies creating work for the street and other outdoor contexts. It works to enhance the profile of street arts in the UK and to develop professional practice through networking, peer support, information sharing, discussion forums, collaborative projects and advocacy.

NASA - National Association of Street Artists


The Circus Arts Forum (aka Circus Development Agency)

Circus Development Agency

Set up by a group of people with a professional involvement in circus. The group includes representatives from both the traditional and contemporary circus community; the major UK promoters and circus training centres; touring circus companies and community circus schools; venue-based circuses and other circus arts projects.


Independent Street Arts Network (ISAN)

ISAN are an independent group of street arts promoters and producers. Membership includes festival and local authority events organisers with an interest in the development of street theatre and other street arts.


Arts Council England

Arts Council England logo


Some useful Arts Council documents about Circus in the UK

Circus Healthcheck, published 2006

Airbourne, Mapping Youth Circus in the UK

Strategy and report on circus


Everything about Juggling

can be found here at The Internet Juggling Database


Juggling ... Dyslexia

Here are two articles about dyslexia and juggling and other circus skills.


Circus Skills and Literacy in primary school pupils

“The Effect of Kinaesthetic training on literacy performance among primary school pupils". View our introduction pdf here


The Science of Circus


In 2010 we developed a CPD programme with Partners In Innovation as part of their Space Circus project. This CPD is useful for teachers and can be applied to pupils with our workshop in The Science of Circus. See the Teachers Resource book here.


The Whole Hog - Design for Print and Website

Who helped us with the website redesign concept.

Other Links


The Academy for Community Leadership

The Academy for Community Leadership underpins the implementation of Neighbourhood Development and Sustainable Communities agenda by providing people with the skills, knowledge and behaviours they need to influence and participate in local democracy and to deliver successful regeneration programmes.


The Tinsley Forum

The Tinsley Forum was establish in 1985 as a collection of individuals from local groups who initially joined together with the Local Authority (Tinsley Corporate Group) under the remit of the Decentralisation Officer as facilitator of Recreation, Education and F&CS Departments “to develop a corporate plan for community development in Tinsley”.


Key Fund Yorkshire

key fund yorkshire

Investing in Social Enterprise

Key Fund Yorkshire is a Community Development Finance Institution (CDFI), which aims to provide loans and investments to community owned organisations working in disadvantaged communities in Yorkshire and Humberside.

Key Fund Yorkshire is partly funded by

European Regional Development Fund


Coalfield Regeneration Trust

The Rotherham Youth Circus was supported in 2009 -10 by

The Coalfields Regeneration Trust

Coalfield Regeneration Trust